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The Deacon of the Tower by Afalstein
The Deacon of the Tower
Isradore's candlestick resounded against the last Malaprorian's skull and the man fell to the ground, unconscious.  "Well."  He said, glancing about.  "That puts that to rest, eh?"

"Indeed."  Tomas intoned, lightly flicking some flecks of blood off the Spear of Destiny.  Isradore wondered how he could see it.  "Inform the lady she will be traveling with us," he added, turning back toward his enormous satchel.

Isradore blinked at him.  "What?  Why would she...?" But Tomas ignored him.  Isradore looked to Kursed for help, but the bandit was already kneeling next to a fallen Malapropian, stripping him of his gear.  Shrugging, Isradore turned to the warrioress they had "helped."  And froze.  "Oh my."  He whispered, his face collapsing in resignation.  "Not again."
The woman, stopped in the middle of pulling her sword free from the bizarre monster, turned and frowned at him.  "I beg your pardon?"

Isradore coughed.  "I'm in love again."  He shrugged, smiling helplessly.

The woman lifted an imperious eyebrow.  "You greatly overestimate your attraction, sir."

"Oh, you misunderstand."  Isradore raised his hands.  "I'm just saying I'M in love.  Not that you are.  Better that you're not, in fact.  If you were, you'd be liable to die a dramatic and vengenace-inducing death shortly afterward.  But if you're not..."  He shrugged again.  "Well, you might stay alive.  For a while, anyway."

The woman's gaze did not waver.  "I am a Deacon of the Inner Tower, and am prevented by my vows from marriage."

"Perfect!"  Isradore beamed delightedly.  "That gives the whole thing an impossible-love-for-the-ages vibe.  Hey, you might actually survive traveling with us!

That DID make the woman blink.  "I am not traveling with you."

Another shrug.  "Tomas says you are, and he's usually right about these things."

She goes with them, of course, though for a fairly simple reason--Tomas is the Chosen One, who the Order is sworn to serve, and he carries the Spear, one of their holy relics.

Continuing on the "Center of the World" idea <da:thumb id="462139423">. Still don't have too good an idea of the actual plot, but I did come up with this lady, Jessica, and I'm pretty happy about her.  She doesn't look as cool as she did in the initial rough draft, but she still gets the idea across of the ultimate warrior woman.  I was going to give her a huge battleaxe, and I still might.

I'm not happy with this picture, but much less not-happy than I was.  When I first scanned it in, it was a mess, and I actually managed to really make it tolerable and semi-clear.  There's still way too much noise, but it works.  And I got to do the new versions of the three heroes.  I like Kursed and Tomas, but Isradore needs work.  At least they look like teenagers now.
Field Work by Afalstein
Field Work
My brother has noted that my online profile dramatically increases when I have no work.  He's right, but in this case the picture is actually something I drew in Latin class, and colored in during the times I was supposed to be doing homework.

You guys remember that ridiculous "Intergalactic Red Cross" picture I posted?… Order of Space Doctors who are also Space Commandos?  Yeah, I came up with that just as a one time fun thing, but like most stuff, it kept coming back into my head.  I have a vague idea of the plot sketched out in my head, but I doubt it'll ever come to anything.  If it does, it might even be a scattered series of short stories, not a proper story with a hero.

But if it does have a hero, this is what he will probably look like.  An albino Surgeon operative with a robotic right hand.  He was originally going to be a doctor, but changed at the last moment and instead became a surgeon.   Though young, he is talented, and rises quickly.  I'm thinking he loses the hand half-way through the story and it causes all sorts of issues.  Albinism, by the way, is more common in the space-bound race of humans, but he's still something of a misfit. 

I wish you could see the coloring better.  I love the drawn version of this, but the scanner made it so speckled, I had to practically re-color everything digitally, and it loses a lot of the nuances that worked well in the hand-drawn version.
Recently, on this forum I frequent, a poster named Shay Guy did a very interesting study of crossovers--what fandoms have the highest percentage of crossovers, what sorts of stories seem to attract crossovers, etc.  It was a very interesting study for a lot of reasons, and you can read about  it here if you want.…  But I mention it because he mentioned he was hampered by the lack of real information on fanfiction.  And the more I puzzled over his findings, the more I wished that there was more systematic study of fanfiction and fanfiction writers.

Accordingly, I drew up a survey.  It asks various statistical questions about the writer (though you are free to skip most of them) and also asks for more detailed reflections on what most attracts them to fanfiction.  If this goes well, I might try to turn it into some kind of article, but even apart from that, I plan on publishing the results online after it's run its course.

So if you are a writer of fanfiction, and you feel like contributing to its study, please follow the link in the description and fill out the Google survey.  It's quick and easy, and once you're done you get a summary of the results thus far, so you get to see how your reply matches with others.

Many thanks!
Fanfiction Research Project!
Find the survey here:… and fill it out.  It's fairly short and sweet/

EDIT: Forgot to mention, the graphic I'm using is a drawing I did once to promote the Writing Center here at the university.    There was also some text: "Writing: Now 100% more epic."  It was pretty fun to make, but I don't know how successful it was.

Recently, I decided to do a research project on the demographics of fanfiction writers--what sorts of fandoms they focus on, what age group they tend to be in, etc. etc. Except there's nothing out there. So I put together a short survey, and I want your help in filling it out!…

Please take a few minutes to fill out the form. It's only three pages long and takes very little time to do. You can see the results when you're done, and I'm planning on publically publishing them anyway after all this is over.


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Hoo boy, haven't done one of these for a while.  Three years, maybe?

Okay, so the big news I wanted to get out was this: I have a Xanga account.  I've been thinking to get a blog for some years, and enough people I know use Xanga already, so I thought it was time.  I'm a little disappointed--I'd hoped to provide links to my other accounts on there, and I can't find out how--but I think it should be fun.  If you guys are interested you can check it out here:

The other little tidbit of information is this: I'm not going to be around here so much.  Due to a combination of influences, chief of which is how much time I've wasted here, I'm going to attempt a self-inflicted ritual of only checking my DevART account on Thursdays.  Whether that'll work or not remains to be seen, but for the time being, don't be surprised if it takes me a while to get back to you.

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